Monday, November 28, 2011

Real-Home Makeover: Ranch Home Redo

Simply Floored
    Mixing floor surfaces throughout the home adds interest. Dark-stained walnut floors in the kitchen draw attention and are easy to clean. In the living room, the homeowners placed jute carpeting over the finished wood floor to protect the floor.

Smart Surfaces
    Black granite countertops add a level of luxury to a functional kitchen. The lack of upper cabinets keeps the space airy, but limits the kitchen's storage capabilities. Adding a metal shelf above the counter keeps the kitchen open without losing storage space.

Breezy Dining
    An advantage of a ranch house is the ability to connect the indoors and the outdoors. The homeowners used this design principle in their dining room. Sliding glass doors with a 6-foot-wide opening connects the dining room to the patio. Both spaces can function as one room, which keeps the dining room from feeling cramped when entertaining.

Groovy Display
    The homeowners store and display dishes and dining room essentials in the freestanding hutch. Adjustable shelves make the hutch a smart storage solution. Homeowners can adjust the shelves to fit their collectibles, rather than choosing items to fit the hutch. Versatilty is important in small spaces.

Bedroom Basics
    In the master suite, contractors took a few feet from the bedroom by moving a wall, which allowed space for a larger bathroom and closet.

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