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Kitchen Island Design Ideas

L-Shape Kitchen Island
    Black granite tops this large, L-shape center island. The L-shape design provides separate areas for eating and prep work. Kitchen Island Tips: -- Don't install an island in a kitchen where work areas are on opposite walls. -- Leave at least 42 inches of walk space on all sides of the island.
Oversize Kitchen Island for Family-Style Dining Space
    This oversize island provides seating for five along with plenty of storage and functionality. It houses a dishwasher, generous farmhouse sink, and cabinet space. One side is bowed to accommodate family meals without feeling like diners are lined up in a row. A double-ogee edge on the granite top provides an elegant detail.

Salvaged Table on Wheels
    An antique wood table on wheels adds rustic charm and flexibility to the kitchen. It provides additional working space and storage.

A Perfect Fit for Open Kitchens
    Kitchen islands are a great solution for open floor plans. In this kitchen, traffic can flow directly into the living room and out onto the deck. This central kitchen island includes a raised eating area, sink, dishwasher, and warming drawers. It functions as a serving surface for large groups or a dining area for small gatherings.

Consider the View from All Sides
    When planning for a kitchen island, consider that all sides of the island are visible. In most cases, at least one side is seen from a living space, so plan accordingly. In this kitchen, the expanse of open shelving houses books and collectibles. Combined with the crisp, white painted cabinetry and soapstone countertop, the island provides a great-looking view from the adjacent living room.

Add Architectural Interest
    Designed to resemble a piece of furniture, this oxblood-red kitchen island commands attention. But the design is in the details: elegant shapes in the granite top, fluted turned legs, and carved wood applique. This center island was designed for optimal function. It houses built-in wine storage, a prep sink, and refrigerator drawers on the side closest to the sink.

Two-Level Kitchen Island
    A two-level kitchen island keeps the cooking zone clear of the gathering area. This cherry island is planted at the kitchen's hub. On one side, a honed granite counter and backsplash plus a gas cooktop create an efficient cooking area. On the other side, contemporary barstools offer a perch out of the work zone yet remain conversationally close to the cook.

Salvaged Storage Unit
    This butcher-block-topped island was once a workshop storage unit. It's now mounted on casters and provides extra seating and prep space in the kitchen.

Dual Kitchen Islands
    For big kitchens that host large gatherings or serve multiple cooks, consider two kitchen islands. This gorgeous kitchen is designed for entertaining as well as everyday living. Both dark-stained islands are topped with green granite countertops. The island closer to the range includes two sinks, whereas the island near the French doors serves as a buffet.

Keep It In Scale
    Kitchen islands don't have to be enormous to provide function. You'll need at least 42 inches of walk space on all sides of the island, so it's important that the size of the island fit the size of the kitchen. This small-scale island provides additional counterspace, multiple drawers and cabinets, and even a towel rack. The gorgeous mahogany base and marble countertop provide a stately, harmonious overall look.

Multiple Countertop Surfaces
    Some kitchen islands serve multiple functions and their design should reflect that. One end of this island has a raised butcher block surface. Honed granite covers the sink and eating areas for easy clean-up.

 Island or Artwork?
    Some homes have a strong sense of style that can be reflected in the kitchen design. Here, a primitive Chinese altar table serves as the kitchen island. Its rustic wood surface contrasts nicely with the sleek stainless-steel appliances. Barstools upholstered in stamped crocodile leather provide perches for dining.
Unified Design Elements
    While an island can be a strong focal point, it should also blend with the overall style of the kitchen. Here, the traditional-style turned legs enhance the elegant, vintage style of the kitchen. Other complementary elements include reproduction pewter cup pulls on the drawer fronts, black honed-granite countertops, and fine furniture detailing.

Seating on Both Sides
    Is it a dining table or a kitchen island? It's both, thanks to a wide surface that extends beyond the base storage on two sides of this island. The extended granite countertop allows comfortable face-to-face seating for four.

Furniture-Style Details
    This walnut kitchen island resembles antique furniture but with modern conveniences: a wine refrigerator, custom storage, and an open bookcase. Pewter hardware and copper-and-enamel pendant lights highlight colors in the granite countertop.

Rounded Edge
    This kitchen island eating spot takes up less space, thanks to its rounded edge. The rounded shape softens the angular lines of the island and creates a friendly, casual spot to eat and chat.

Color and Texture
    This large, colorful kitchen island functions like a partial wall subdividing a spacious kitchen into more manageable work zones. Beaded board wraps the structure, enclosing the refrigerator as well as an attached peninsula that provides a butcher-block work surface, prep sink, and storage.

Multi-Dimensional Kitchen Island
    This T-shaped island offers practical details in a beautiful design. It features a sink, generous countertop space, and a gorgeous, curved eating area that allows across-the-table conversation. Storage needs are addressed with open shelving and base cabinetry. Glass-front end-cabinet doors lighten the look

Wedge-Shape Island
    This grand kitchen includes a wedge-shaped island designed for traffic flow and additional counterspace for prepping and eating meals.

Attached Table
    Bring the family together around the island every day by connecting it to a roomy table with comfortable chairs. In addition to providing ample space for sharing meals, an attached table creates space for homework and other projects that won't interfere with cooking.

Small and Simple Kitchen Island
    Using a simple but sturdy table as an island makes up for limited counter space in this small kitchen. The stainless-steel surface is easy to clean and adds sleekness to the space.

Showcase Pots, Pans, and Collectibles
    Because a kitchen island takes center stage, consider adding visual interest with a hanging pot rack and a display of collectibles, like the antique French fruit jars shown here.

Creative Use of Cabinetry
    In a clever twist of creativity, mechanics' cabinets make up the massive center island in this kitchen. Their heavy-duty, smooth-gliding drawers conveniently hold a wide variety of kitchen utensils, pots, and pans. The cabinets come with a bonus feature: safety latches that prevent small children from reaching into drawers that might contain sharp kitchen tools. Their silver-colored pulls and black finish match the stainless-steel lower cabinets and honed black granite countertops.

Multiple Surface Materials
    This kitchen island features two surfaces: a wenge-wood top for the eating area and Persian granite for the work area. The furniture-style cabinetry detail adds to its appeal.

Understated Kitchen Island
    This sleek, open kitchen is a study in "invisible functionality." Appliances are concealed in cupboards or camouflaged behind panels to match the cabinets. The island, too, is sublimely understated. The dramatic granite countertops spills to the floor to create a subtle room divider.

Extra-Large Island
    A 3-inch-thick granite countertops balances the heft of this 9-foot-square kitchen island. In addition to storage and eating space, the island contains the cooktop, sink, dishwasher, and wine cooler.

Two Cooks, Two Islands
    A dual island serves two cooks well in this kitchen. One half, of stainless steel, has a butcher-block top and includes containers underneath for garbage and recyclables and knife storage on one side and a towel bar on the other. The other half, which features a marble countertop for rolling out dough, sits at a lower height and has locking casters and storage baskets.

Colorful Island
    This gorgeous green kitchen island adds a pop of color, yet fits right in with its surroundings. The island provides loads of functional space: an eating area, a cooking area, and generous storage -- it contains deep drawers under the cooktop to keep pots and pans right where they're needed.

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