Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorful Kitchen Islands

Orange Zest Island 
Citrus-inspired hues are bold, sassy, and full of energy. If you love blazing orange but can't commit your entire kitchen, try it as an accent. Melding drama, style, and warmth, a punchy island mingles with black slab countertops for the perfect amount of sophistication in this kitchen. Stunning metal-mesh pendants illuminate the island with contemporary flair.

Taken by Teal 
Ease color into a room with an attention-grabbing hue on a kitchen island. Teal blue does all the talking in this French-themed kitchen. Color on the upper wall and the island pops against a black-and-white backdrop, creating a striking color scheme.

Sunny Disposition
Being bold is all about striking the right balance, and bold doesn't always have to be bright. Here, a saturated, yet muted golden yellow island gives this pretty kitchen a peppy focal point. When considering a contrasting color for a kitchen island, look to the hues already being used in your kitchen. The color on the island is a more intense version of the yellow tiles in the basket-weave pattern backsplash.

Inky Blue 
Denim blues aren't just for your wardrobe -- they're also perfect for a feel-good, classic interior. Deep, inky blue adds a note of drama to this 1950s farmhouse-style kitchen, and it stands in contrast to the white walls and countertops. A funky chandelier and open metal shelving infuse this composed space with contemporary flair.

Rich wood stains and white form a brilliantly contrasted palette that's both soft and luxurious. Although considered a neutral, brown wood finishes can be viewed as a color when played against neutral finishes, such as the white cabinets, beige backsplash, and white marble island countertop. Adding heft to this airy kitchen, a chocolate-brown island serves as the focal point in this interior. Wood floors with a matching stain and lighter-tone wood countertops on the perimeter ease the transition between dark and light finishes, creating a charming space that's easy to live in.

Serene Scene 
 Give an all-white kitchen a lift with a refreshing coat of blue for a classic, pleasing palette with a hint of color. With a cornflower-blue island and watery-hue backsplash, this white kitchen feels cheery and full of character.

Sunny Citron 
Good looks and practicality are equal partners in this gorgeous kitchen. A tempered chartreuse island blends the sunny side of yellow with the vibrancy of lime green for a warm, springy look. The island was outfitted with a roll-out baking station, fashioned in the island's likeness, to make baking a breeze, and the frame is painted the same zingy chartreuse as the island.

Neutral Variations 
Playing with slight contrasts is a no-fail way to spice up a neutral palette. Anchoring the heart of this open kitchen, the island's stone color, although muted, stands out against the white walls and perimeter cabinets. Industrial elements, such as the stools, light fixtures, and faucet, mingle with the room's traditional design.

Yellow Fever 
Inspired by a playful backsplash of yellow and green, this kitchen's golden glow is as rich as it is deep. A bold hue of mustard yellow on the expansive island is duplicated on the lower cabinets. If you are going for a more subtle look but still want to incorporate an eye-catching color, apply your hue of choice to the island only, and use the same understated finish or color on both the upper and lower perimeter cabinets. For a coordinated look, choose a neutral hue that¿s related to your kicky color. Here, creamy white upper cabinets have a touch of yellow, which helps to bridge the gap between subtle and bold.

Viva Jewel Box Kitchen 
White perimeter cabinets and countertops set a clean-lined stage for a playful emerald green island. Open shelving on one end of the island offers plenty of space for bright cookbooks and large display items. The contrasting butcher-block countertop on the island also heightens the distinction between the island and the rest of the kitchen. Sapphire blue wallpaper with pretty florals adds another splash of jewel tones, creating a color scheme that's rich yet casually preppy.

Robin's-Egg Blue 
A large furniture-style island cloaked in soft robin's-egg blue welcomes family and guests into an impressively detailed kitchen. Crisp white cabinets, a zinc range hood, and gleaming chrome pendant lights pop against the blue island, providing a light and bright atmosphere. Picking up the color of an accent island in accessories adds polish and completes the look. Here, the springy blue repeats on the cafe curtains on the window above the sink.

Gorgeous Gray-Brown 
Fresh color can give a room a hearty update -- without having to be bright and in-your-face. For colors with restrained impact, try saturated neutrals. A moody gray-brown island adds a sense of intrigue, taking center stage in this neutral kitchen. Red patterned stool cushions add a burst of energy.

Fresh Kitchen 
Garden bounty-inspired hues are fresh, flexible, and capable of laying groundwork for a kitchen color palette. With clever storage and a bit of whimsy, the asparagus-green island perks up this kitchen. The color also makes an appearance on perimeter cabinets and trim on the built-in shelves. A muted corn yellow colors the walls, and tomato-red and squash-yellow accessories complete the fresh-from-the garden look.

Fiery Red 
Pump up a kitchen with fiery hues. Red cabinetry frames and a red island energize the kitchen's otherwise neutral color scheme. The central island directs traffic flow while providing space for the cook to work along the back wall. An attached table -- rather than an eating bar -- creates a comfortable spot for homework, chats with friends, and family meals.

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