Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beach-Themed Outdoor Living

Bold Porch

Beach dwellers are never afraid of a little color, so don’t be afraid to try more vibrant hues to achieve a coastal feel in your home. If painting your woodwork feels like too much, just incorporate color with furniture.

Private Porch

This second-floor porch has a sense of privacy, with solid railings and overhanging eaves. Dark woven furniture creates a casual seating area with cushions of aqua, green, and white stripes.

Poolside Cabana

This open-air pavilion provides the perfect escape from the heat during pool parties or evening entertaining in the summer. The blue-and-white color scheme, canvas curtains, a porthole-style window, and lots of chairs for lounging all reflect coastal style.

Inviting Pergola

This Bermudan style pergola, with a hint of the Mediterranean, is a perfect escape for dining, relaxing, and taking in the view. A comfortable seating area is located underneath the pergola where vines that have been planted will eventually create a canopy.

Wicker Front Porch

On the porch, or piazza, of this Charleston home style is not an afterthought but a hint of what’s to come. Classic white wicker is re-dressed with zesty pillows to match the interior's colors. Together, the classic white wicker and the modern India-inspired motif make a beautiful combination on this classic porch.

Charleston Piazza

Create an area filled with comfy wicker furniture in the traditional Charleston green, recognizable by its almost black color. Low-maintenance materials, such as wicker-looking resin for the frames or treated fabric for the cushions are a great option for a porch. Iron-base tables with honed marble tops are the perfect sidekicks because they combine simple lines with elegant materials. Fun fabrics for accent pillows help add a coastal feel.

Entertaining Porch

Two woven rockers, positioned next to the stucco fireplace on the front porch of this beach house, create the perfect place to unwind on a warm summer night.

Outdoor Living Room

Because this family doesn't have a conventional foyer, pairs of French doors open right into the main living room. They wanted to transform their front porch into the in-between space to greet guests and neighbors.They decorated their front porch with lamps that look like sea-weathered wood, sisal rugs, and throw pillows with wavy and coral-like patterns inspired by the Atlantic Ocean just a short drive away.

Bright Green Porch

The panel of shutters on the porch, reminiscent of old beach cottages, allow the homeowners to better control sunlight and breezes. The bright green fabric adds a fun punch of color. 

Tropical Porch

This sunny little loggia boasts louvered doors that easily transition a casual gathering into an alfresco setting. The louvered doors provide the nostalgic look of old beach cottages and can be opened fully to invite the outdoors in or shut when you need protection from the elements. Canvas curtains add softness and extra protection. Ocean blue accents pop up in the pillow fabrics and in the translucent glassware on the wicker ottoman.

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