Friday, November 11, 2011

Barbara Purdy Designs

Contrasting Wallpapered Entrance

A bold design makes a statement in a small space.

Elegant & Bright Family Room

A softly textured tile surrounds the fireplace for a warm, yet contemporary look.

Generous, Clean-Lined Kitchen

A mix of open and closed storage creates an airy, contemporary vibe.

Warm Layered Bedroom

A fireplace takes bedroom glamour and comfort to a new level.

Small & Bright Basement Living Room

Barbara Purdy decorated her own basement like a main floor.

Cottagey Basement Bedroom

A crisp palette contrasts with the country warmth of painted wood panelling.

Cottage-Style Basement Bathroom

A black mirror pops in this white space.

Homey Panelled Living Room

Barbara Purdy's family cottage offers quaint casual style.

Toasty Cottage Fireplace

Beadboard panelling set on a diagonal breaks up the visual grid.

Cosy Reading Nook

Slipcovers and pine shelving offer budget-savvy style.

Cottage Dining Room

Unmatched dining room furniture, wood accents and big windows add rustic style.

Simple Kitchen Storage

Refresh a kitchen with paint, hardware and open shelves.

To give a cottage kitchen a facelift on a budget, consider exposed shelving. Here, Barb removed existing built-in cupboards and replaced them with cedar shelves that allow her to display only what she needs. This turns everyday objects into showpieces, and encourages decluttering. An affordable striped runner adds a hit of colour.

Warm Spa-Like Bathroom

Teak slats in the shower offer a Scandinavian look.

Classic Cottage Porch

Warm cedar furniture, patterned cushions and bright flowers invite guests to linger.

Well-Curated Bookcase

Fabric-covered foam-core boards set at the back of shelves create a decorative backdrop.

Stylish Hallway

Wallpaper in an oversized paisley print turns the niche into a focal point.

Patterned Sitting Nook

Curtains in a David Hicks print add modern sensibility.

Mix-And-Match Mantel

Vibrant accents make a traditional fireplace look fresh and current.

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