Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crafts Store Centerpiece

Cues From Nature

When decorating for your Thanksgiving celebration, look outdoors for inspiration -- think falling leaves, bare branches, and cozy nights by an open fire.

For this centerpiece, we took all of these ideas and hit the crafts store for supplies.

Tip: It's easy to get distracted in large crafts stores, so be prepared with a detailed list of what you need to avoid overspending.

What You'll Need

• Burlap • 3 glass vases of varying sizes
• 1 (8-inch-square) artist's canvas
• Grosgrain and wire ribbon
• 1 package of dried flowers
• 2 (4-inch-diameter) spiral vine wreaths
• 1 bag of river stones
• 3 unscented candles
• Raffia
• 1 (6-piece) set of miniature vine wreaths
• Scissors
• Glue gun and glue

Tip: Embrace the clearance section! The vases and wreaths used in this project were on sale in the crafts store floral department.

Burlap Background

Use inexpensive burlap (about $3 per yard) in place of a table runner, and add a length of wire ribbon down the center of the table. Burlap comes in many colors, including tan, green, orange, and red. Just remember to choose a color that complements the other elements of the setting.

Tip: Save the burlap and use it as a tree skirt this Christmas.

DIY Wreaths

For a touch of color, use a glue gun to attach dried flowers to standard wreath forms. (Only clip 8 to 10 blooms for each wreath, leaving about 1 inch on each stem.) Be sure to space out the flowers before gluing, because they’ll be difficult to remove when the glue has dried. And instead of throwing away the extras, save them to use in a harvest arrangement.

Tip: Save the wreaths that are used as candle accents and hang them in your home when Thanksgiving dinner is over.

Ribbon Pedestal

Give your candlelight a little lift with a harvest pedestal. Simply measure lengths of ribbon in colors of your choice, and use a glue gun to attach them to a square canvas (making sure to glue them all in one direction). When all pieces are in place, attach a length of ribbon all the way around the outside of the canvas for a finished look.

Tip: Check out the fabric section of the crafts store for bags of precut ribbon at discounted prices.

Glowing Candles

Set the tone for your Thanksgiving feast with the glow of soft candlelight. Using glass vases as faux hurricanes, fill the bottom of each with nature-inspired accents. Here, we used raffia* (cut into 2-inch strips) and river rocks. Other festive options include colored glass stones or even candy corn.

Tip: To avoid competing aromas at the table, be sure to choose unscented candles for your centerpiece.

*When using raffia, make sure it is flattened in the bottom of the vase so that it doesn't catch fire. And to avoid any accidents, always be in the room when candles are lit.

Setting Details

Go beyond the centerpiece and decorate the rest of the table with crafty touches. Substitute a mini wreath for a napkin ring, and add a dried flower and length of ribbon to tie each place setting in with the scene.

And for a laid-back table setting, use natural colors and textures. Here, wooden chargers, cloth napkins, and cream and Tuscan yellow plates are mixed together for a rich harvest display.

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