Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Easy Flower Arrangements

Quirky Flower Arrangement

Unexpected containers add interest to this spare tabletop.

Bold orange blooms pair with lush greenery in this room. A fabric container elevates the look of a humble houseplant, while individual dahlia stems are contained in an asymmetrical white vase. When using fabric or paper containers for plants, be sure to line the container with plastic, or use a saucer to prevent water from soaking through. 

Vintage-Chic Flower Arrangement

Add timeless appeal with old-fashioned flowers.

A casual bouquet like this one lends charm to any space with an eclectic mix of traditional blooms. Plush peonies are a country garden staple, and when paired with loose greenery, create a carefree arrangement that complements romantic rooms. The clear, bottom-heavy glass vase adds more old-fashioned appeal and helps balance the bouquet.

Whimsical Tabletop Arrangement

Unusual glass containers take centre stage with these airy arrangements.

Add sparkle to your table with elegant glass vases like the unique examples shown here. Their narrow, long necks are perfect for supporting flower stems, making it easy to display flowers with plenty of height. Choose flowers such as delphinium and gladiolus, which offer gorgeous blossoms on stiff stems, to create a similar look.

Pretty Bathroom Arrangement

Put flowers in a powder room for added romance.

A white bathroom gets a shot of colour with this simple vase of pink roses. Placing bouquets in unexpected places, such as the bathroom, adds life and interest to vignettes and tablescapes. To make flowers last longer, be sure to strip all foliage from the stems; while it may look pretty, leaves rot underwater, and the bacteria shorten flower life.

Artful Vignette With Flowers

Bring tabletop displays to life with pretty blooms.

Flowers are the perfect finishing touch to any decorative grouping. Here, plush peonies add texture and softness to a collection of curios on a bedroom dresser. For lasting freshness, re-cut stems before arranging, and change the water on a daily basis.

Tiered Tabletop Display

Use stands to elevate arrangements.

Add interest to a grouping of potted plants or small flower arrangements by displaying them on tiered trays or cake stands. Here, kitchen herbs and violets are displayed on a rustic wooden stand, enhancing the kitchen's traditional style.

Flowering Branches

Delicate blossoms add romantic appeal to a neutral living room.

Make an impact in any space by displaying flowering branches alone or with other flowers. When trimmed and placed in an arrangement, flowering branches add a woody texture and height. For maximum drama, leave the branches longer and display them together, as shown here. 

Simple White Tulips

Dress up a clean-lined space with a chic arrangement.

A modest arrangement of white tulips suits this spare dining room perfectly. The flowers relax gracefully over the edge of the vase, emphasizing the casual feel of the room and providing visual relief from the heavy black tabletop.

Hydrangea Branches

Lilacs, forsythia and other flowering branches make interesting cuttings.

Beautiful hydrangea blooms make a bright centerpiece to this charming dresser vignette. Stripping the leaves from the bottom half of the branches keeps the look airy and light. When using flowering branches or other top-heavy flowers, choose a vase that won't tip over, like the round vase shown here.

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