Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to decorate your hallway for Christmas

Hang a Christmas wreath

Make sure your front door doesn't let your festively decorated hallway down - hang a classic wintry wreath to welcome guests and spread some seasonal cheer to the street beyond.

Go for traditional Christmas trimmings

Before you start recreating this traditional Christmas hallway, give your home's entrance a good clean and clear away clutter - it could be decorated for at least two weeks so it's worth the effort. Consider replacing your doormat with a festive one, too.

Wind a garland around banisters

An artificial garland (of luscious seasonal leaves and berries) is a speedy way to decorate hallway banisters. Wind around the handrail, but leave spaces for hands to hold when using the stairs. Wired garlands are best as they don't need to be taped in place.

Choose a festive stocking

Make sure Santa (and the guests) don't have to go far to find Christmas treats — hang stockings in the hallway! Cut ribbon into 40cm lengths and tie to the banisters at regular intervals. Use the ribbon to hang up stockings before filling them with sweets and small gifts.

Opt for pretty decorations

Add an extra flourish to shop-bought garlands with extra Christmas decorations - such as felt shapes. These are ideal for hallways as they're sturdy and won't break when knocked. Use the wired branches of the garland to form hooks to keep them in place.

Decorate with autumnal leaves

If you want to decorate your hallway seasonally, but don't like the traditional evergreen deckings, why not use garlands of autumnal-coloured leaves to cover banisters instead? Warm and welcoming, with a hint of country beauty.

Add colourful decorations

No stairs or banisters to decorate? No problem. Your hallway can still look festive with some well-placed colourful paper decorations. Hang them from a height and feel the effects of Christmas cheer.

Play with bold colours and textures

If your home is decorated in strong colours, white Christmas decorations provide a sharp, stylish contrast. Group together oversized sculptural decorations - with a snowflake-like feel - to make your hallway an instant winter wonderland.

Create a unique stocking

Looking for an alternative for Christmas stockings? Make a feature of country casuals and house the family's 'stocking' gifts in wellington boots. We asked Father Christmas, and he loves the idea!

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