Saturday, November 5, 2011

Memorable Gift Wrap Ideas

Christmas Gifts

Stack them high. A set of gift boxes stacked with smallest on top and tied with a single over-sized ribbon makes a glamorous and dramatic present.

Give Green

Clear cellophane with colorful, inexpensive tissue paper and hand-crafted, simple card labels gives seasonal plants a professionally wrapped look.

Add Layers

Layered ribbons in varying textures and widths look stylish and make a neat change from a classic bow.

More Than a Sack

Dress up an inexpensive brown paper bag by customizing it with scraps of wrapping paper, ribbons, and fresh foliage.

From the Home

A home-baked cake wrapped in parchment and tied with a ribbon makes a thoughtful gift.


A sheet of fine paper goes a long way when used sparingly to decorate plain gift boxes.

Flower Power

A simple, store-bought, stick-on bow can be turned into a lotus flower by snipping diagonally through the loops.

Hostess Gift

Daintily tied dinner candles make a pretty present. Add a hand-stamped gift tag for a personal touch.

Jarring Idea

Dress up a jar of preserves or jelly with a fabric cover and a pretty spoon.

Reuse and Recycle

Recycle last year's holiday cards by cutting out festive motifs and using them as gift tags.


Fashion-inspired gift-wrapping might include rose corsages, diamante buckles, Asian clasps and ribbons in silk and velvet.

Go Bold

Boldly patterned wrapping paper needs little adornment. A white ribbon will give a subtle finish.

Less is More

For larger gifts, this pictorial paper is ideal for wrapping and is so stunning, often it can stand alone without other trimmings.

Sweet Treats

Patterned tins filled with edible treats are a delightful gift when finished with a decoration or ornament.

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