Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to decorate with accent colour

Reinvent pink’s sugary image by choosing a punchy shade to highlight a stylised motif, such as this laser-cut headboard — a modern take on traditional bedroom florals. Keep the design white so you can swap the pink for another colour to change the mood.  

Give more punch to intricate and geometric furniture by setting it against a waist-high bank of bold colour. Sticking to pale pieces will boost the effect.  

Transform traditional, stick-back chairs into modern designer show stoppers by painting the legs in a zingy, contrasting shade. Using gloss paint echoes the sheen of the table top and keeps the look cohesive.

Soften the edges of historic prints and monochrome photographs by moving away from black frames and white mounts in favour of an eye-catching shade. Reverse the colours on neighbouring pictures to add variety.

Make modern beading in an instant — with no tricky paint job — using bands of ribbon. Matching cobalt shades in silk will heighten the luxe factor. 

Bring modern edge to a footstool with bold upholstery. That way, it can be the stylish meeting point between newer, sleeker pieces and traditional designs.

Choose a piece with a small colour detail, such as this lamp with a bright flex, then boost the effect by copying the colour elsewhere, such as on a rug border or blind pulls. For extra impact, paint a band of the same shade on a blind.

Create a high-style juxtaposition by mixing rough finishes and weathered accessories with a glossy basin in a stand-out primary shade. A dark, inky backdrop will add a luxurious mood.

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