Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Use Pattern to Change Your Rooms

1. Create a Focal Point with Pattern

Patterned curtains naturally call attention to the windows, while a bold geometric on a single wall can create architectural interest in a boxy space.

2. Change an Attitude

Use gingham fabric to relax a formal chair, a geometric wallpaper to update a vintage cabinet, or a colorful toile to personalize a sleek sofa.

3. Reshape Space

Wide horizontal stripes shorten tall ceilings, while vertical stripes raise the roof. A bold pattern in strong colors can square up a long, narrow room.

4. Set the Space

Consider favorite patterns such as ikat, paisley, toile, or damask. No other element creates a decorating style for a room as easily.

5. Reflect the Seasons

Use bold or deep colors to warm up a room for winter, and use light, airy prints for a summery look.

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