Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Find the Right Designer

Your new kitchen is a bigger investment than ever. It pays to hire a design professional you can trust. On the messy journey called kitchen remodeling, there are advantages to having a professional designer as a guide. The pros can help you budget wisely, avoid mistakes, make the space beautiful and functional and open doors to new and specialised resources. Just like you go to a doctor specialising in a part of the body, the specialist for that part of the home is the kitchen designer. We understand how it all fits together and why the parts are necessary. You're going to do it right the first time with a designer.

Step 1 - Start A Search
  • Start your search for a designer online at the NKBA Web site which can point you to designers in your area
  • Then visit the Web sites of the designers or contact them directly
  • Get names from friends and neighbors who have remodeled their kitchens
  • The phone book, home centers, kitchen showrooms and real estate agents may also produce good leads
Step 2 - Have A Meeting
  • Do your homework before the initial meeting with a designer
  • Browse showrooms to gather wish-list ideas for appliances, cabinet styles and finishes and flooring options
  • Compile a portfolio of magazine photos tht shows your style preferences
  • The designer will want informaion from you but you should seek information from the designer too including actual photos of his or her work
  • Ask to see a project similar to yours, including the plans and find out how much it cost
  • Ask about the payment schedules, contracts, timelines and design services
  • The designer will want to know about your lifestyle
Step 3 - Is It A Good Fit?
  • After the initial meeting you may decide whether that particular designer is good for your project
  • The ideal designer-client relationship is based on honesty, trust, communication, respect and a sense of teamwork
  • If you feel comfortable enough, and trust a desginer based on her knowledge, her creativity and her needs, then that's a good vibe

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