Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why Hire A Designer?

Many homeowners hope to save money on their remodeling projects by doing everything themselves. But in the long run, a designer will help you come out ahead.

  • Professional designers know where to get high-quality products and have connections with wholesalers, dealers, and constractors to get you the best products you can afford. A reputable designer can help you with budget issues because they know what things cost since they do this every day.
  • A designer can offer material and storage solutions that you may not have considered.
  • A designer can ease the burden of remodeling by coordinating all the details.

Cost-Cutting Tips
  1. Evaluate the space closely and create the most effficient floor plan possible. Having an exact floor plan helps estimate costs
  2. Get accurate specifications, including bids in writing that specify brands, model numbers and cost of labor
  3. Take your time. Rushed decisions often lead to regret. Keep a file of styles, colors, and materials you like so you can create an accurate picture of what you want.

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