Sunday, November 20, 2011

5 Great Tips For A Romantic Bedroom Haven

The right bedroom is a romantic haven; your very own personal retreat in your home. In a stressful and hectic life, our bedrooms offer us a place to retire to from harried days and help us rekindle the love flame.
A romantic bedroom is just what the love doctor prescribes for adding spark to your love life. 

Romantic bedrooms are places where you forget your woes, and problems and just spend time with your partner without a care in the world. There are plenty of ways to bring the romance back in your life, but a romantic bedroom is the place where it all comes together. To set the right mood and create a crackling and amorous atmosphere, here are five great tips to convert an ordinary room into a romantic haven. Throw Out The Clutter. You can’t feel romantic if your bedroom is full of clutter. A romantic bedroom needs to be clean and free of mess. 

The first thing you need to do in order to usher in some romantic and positive energy is to clean out the mess and throw out the junk. Stored your clothes and other things neatly in the closet and create a sense of space in your bedroom. If you are looking for romance, don’t bring work into the bedroom. Good romantic bedroom design ideas often reflect straight, clean, and neat silhouettes. Fill The Bedroom With Color. Important themes of romantic bedroom design ideas include effects created from using romantic bedroom colors.

Each color you choose must complement the romantic bedroom theme and create a warm, sensual, and intimate ambience. Stay away from white color. Some choices of romantic bedroom colors could be red, blue, green, and their shades. Red is definitely the color of love and romance. It is inspirational and evokes passion and desire in the couple using the bedroom. If you find red to be overpowering, try using it in smaller quantities. A red comforter, or some small red pillows or a red flower vase can really get the atmosphere smoking hot! Blue and green colors have a calming and soothing effect. 

A romantic bedroom should also be comfortably and welcoming. Green helps to create this feeling, while also being the color of fertility and matrimony. A powerful color, combined with red and blue, it can create a very sexy, striking, and hypnotic atmosphere. Fabric Facts. Romantic bedrooms must have the right type of linen and window decorations. Romantic beds should be treated with a good set of Egyptian cotton bed sheets, while the bedspread in a colorful and enticing design and make you feel at ease. Romantic Wall Art. 

One of the most underrated romantic bedroom design ideas, wall art inspires feeling of love like nothing else does. Whether you frame and hang romantic picture of the two of you or some paintings, such a romantic touch is bound to give you desired results! Furniture That’s Fun. Romantic bedroom furniture is cozy, comfortable, ergonomic and stylish. Create an intimate corner by putting together a couple of chairs and a console table to reflect a personal and romantic feel.

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