Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kids Room Interior Design – Some easy tips

Your kids will eventually grow out their cribs and play pens. As parents, you eventually have the task to give you kid his own room. Kids’ rooms are their safe haven. 
It is a place in this world where hey can express themselves freely. Kids want to express their autonomy. At an early age, they have the need to feel that they have the ability to make decisions, so you offer them choices. What better way to let them do that than by giving them the chance to participate in choosing the design for their room. 


While it may be good to seek a professional interior decorator’s advice if your financial capability allows it; it really isn’t necessary at all. You can be the interior designer to plan your kids’ room design. More so, you have your kid who gets to play as your assistant. No one is more up to the job than you and your kid, After all, you know your kid better than anyone else. As you go through your plan, you can ask your child general questions that give him the chance to participate in the decision-making. You may think you know better, but it is your kid who has to sleep inside that room, so he should have some say in the matter.

Kids often change their mind easily. What they consider as a favorite color today may be different the next week. Hence, it is best to choose neutral colors as the main paint color of your kid’s bedroom walls. You can perhaps incorporate their favorite color on the theme you want to create.

It is also important that you know your child’s interests. If your kid is into sports, you can incorporate a sports theme into that blank canvass. Perhaps your kid excels in school. Then you can create a design that displays your kids’ medals and trophies. On one corner, you can place a shelf for his book collection. It could be any theme, just as long as it defines who your child is. To be sure, ask your child what he thinks about it.

Before we forget, that bedroom is going to be where our child will sleep for a number of years before he goes away in college to live off in a university dorm. So, be practical and get a bed that will fit him until that age and one that are sturdy enough to survive constant use. As for the bedspread and even the curtains, there are a variety of designs to choose from. Allow your kid to assert and choose the design that he wants. You will find that this is also related to the theme of your kids’ room.

As you go on decorating the bedroom, bear in mind that the kids’ room decor should go along the theme. While a lot of sale and discounts that offer great deals on a variety of room decors, you do not have to buy them all. Do not make your kids’ room look like a store. Choose the ones that your kids’ can use and ones that fit the theme of the room as well.

You want to create a safe haven for your child. So when it comes to choosing a desk and a chair or a closet for your child’s bedroom, choose those that have rounded edges. That goes the same for the bed as well. You definitely do not want your kid getting cut or bruised by his very own bed.

When choosing the flooring, avoid wall-to-wall carpets as these require high-maintenance cleaning. Dust bunnies can easily accumulate when not cleaned regularly. Also, choose rugs, mats, bedspread, mattresses and blankets that are easy to clean.

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