Saturday, November 5, 2011

7 Ways to Dress Up Chandeliers

Kiss and Tell

It’s easy to add a little romance to a dinner party. Simply hang a kissing ball, made of florist foam and spray roses, from a fixture to spice up the evening.

Finish off the look with holiday ornaments and fresh greenery.

Wonderfully White

For a winter-white celebration, decorate by dangling white ornaments from silver ribbons. Add shimmery garland for an even more elegant effect. Continue the theme with simple white china, a white tablecloth, white napkins, and your silver collection.

Draped in Garland

Quickly dress up a chandelier with strands of garland.

Blooming Beauty

For a finishing touch, incorporate fresh flowers into your design (we used long-stemmed gloriosa lilies). Just remember, the blooms are fragile and won’t last long without water, so they should be added at the last minute.

Green Grandeur

Wreaths can be used on more than just doors. Here, designers suspended a wreath of mixed greens and lady apples with ribbon to accent the carved French walnut chandelier.

Sweet Idea

Create a simple, playful setting in the dining room by stringing candy ornaments from the lights. Candies also can be used as place card holders, in votives, and on the mantel or sideboard for the fun-filled festivities.

Let It Snow

Creating a glamorous look doesn’t have to be expensive. Search discount stores for beaded garland, snowflakes, and ornaments. Finish the fixture with faux crystal icicles and prisms.

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