Saturday, November 5, 2011

Colorful Topiaries

Easy and eyecatching, our favorite topiaries will brighten any room in your home. 

Rose Pose

A whimsical take on the classic topiary form, this rose ball arrangement (created by floral designer Sybil Sylvester) announces springtime at its best.

With its curvy willow branches interwoven with pink anemones, this colorful display is just the right pick-me-up for any occasion or room.

Be a Little Lazy

This relaxed topiary of miniature calla lilies and iris introduces a casual element rare to topiaries. Held together with wisps of raffia in a glass bowl, it makes a great everyday, no-fuss flower arrangement. The sagging blossoms will inspire a bit of guilty-pleasure laziness in everyone.

Bells of Spring

Inspired by spring’s new foliage and blossoms, Sylvester created this topiary from ‘Bells-of-Ireland,’ ‘Green Desire’ calla lilies, tropical leaves, and clusters of green snowball viburnum and lady’s mantle.

The rich textures of green set against the lemon- yellow pot achieve an upbeat elegance perfect for a centerpiece or table-topper.

Tip-Top Topiary

Gayle Drummond designed this topiary to accent the room’s green-and-pink palette.

With its quintessential preppy colors -- in the bright pink rose ball between two layers of deep green moss -- the completed look is fitting for a springtime luncheon.

Springtime Salute

The wispy lines contrasted with the pink-tinged blossoms of alliums make a charming statement. These topiaries, with their springtime color palette, salute the season. Displayed as a group of three, they make a striking impression.

For a more relaxed look, break up the trio and set the flowers individually around the room.

Mona Lisa' Smile

Sylvester used 'Mona Lisa' anemones set into a white bulb-shaped vase to make this modern statement. The bold color palette coupled with the arrangement's clean lines puts a cheerful and contemporary twist on the classic topiary.

Perk Up a Nook

The wide, green stems rising out of a cluster of pink peonies seem to drink in the sunshine pouring through the window.

Putting topiaries in unexpected nooks makes them all the more delightful to spot and brings springtime all through the house.

Topiary Tips

For the best topiaries, choose a flower that contrasts in color and shape to fill the base of the arrangement. These round, deep-pink peonies and ranunculus provide an opulent counterpoint to the slim calla lilies. If you change the water daily, topiaries will last about a week. 

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