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Decorating Gallery: Bathrooms

Bright orange walls team with subtle subway tiles, providing stylish simplicity to this guest bathroom. Custom vanity and mirrors add to the ambience.
  • The ceiling is painted a lighter shade of the wall color, reducing contrast between the two.
  • Basket-weave flooring is a traditional contrast to the modern fixtures and woodwork.
  • Rich wood paneling along the front of the vanity makes the piece feel more substantial.
  • Framed photos of the children are a fun personal touch.

Terrazzo wall tiles embedded with glass chips spread color and pattern to the shower. The clear glass enclosure draws attention to the tiles and curvy shower hardware, plus it takes advantage of natural light.
  • The concrete vanity counter was dyed to fit the room's color scheme.
  • Unexpected angles and colors infuse this vanity with style.
  • The tub controls are corner-mounted to be out of the way while bathing.

Floor-to-ceiling style comes to this bath in the form of glazed ceramic tiles laid in a gingham pattern and a clean-lined chandelier that offers living room elegance on a scale appropriate this space. A walk-in closet is located behind the frosted-glass door.
  • Custom vanities painted a soft khaki have the look of freestanding furniture.
  • Decorative white plates are hung from ribbon and displayed as artwork next to the tub.
  • Handy perches for towels include a tubside bench and a bar mounted to each vanity.
  • Pleated shades can be adjusted for privacy and light control, as can sheer curtain panels.

A custom console-style teak vanity supports a wide sink that integrates level surfaces and curved lines. Open shelving keeps towels and accessories close at hand and cleverly avoids the boxy appearance of a traditional vanity.
  • Keep accessories simple when creating an Asian-style room.
  • Walls and floors in slate tile provide subtle color and earthy texture.
  • The towel pattern repeats the slatted look of the vanity shelves and tile.
  • Low-profile faucets add to the contemporary feel of the space.
This master bath is part of an attic-turned-master-bedroom suite. The sloping ceiling inspired angled walls, creating interesting nooks of space for bath fixtures and storage.
  • A full mirror multiplies space and reflects light from recessed fixtures.
  • Baskets for linen storage are set on shelves in the niche near the countertop.
  • Limestone tiles were chosen for the flooring and shower walls.
  • Black slate countertops complement deep kakhi-toned walls.
Whimsical touches abound in this seaside theme bath! Nautical accessories include a clever rope valance, lighthouses, boats, oars, signal flags, and fishnet. Even the towels sport a blue-and-white pattern and are displayed rolled up on the pier.
  • A custom wooden surround tub was designed to look like a boat.
  • The seaside theme starts with ocean blue walls and a sponged cloud ceiling.
  • A clever "wooden pier" with net and rope disguises the radiator.
  • Jaunty blue-and-white fabric and towels are accented with red.

 Pristine white beadboard walls are pleasingly paired with a vintage-style table and accessories in this bathroom. The existing tub and sink were reglazed (rather than replaced) to update their country charm yet make them more attractive and functional.
  • New floor tile in a vintage design is in keeping with the 1915 home.
  • Not filling the room with cabinetry keeps the look spacious.
  • Notice the distinctive gingham tile border around the room's perimeter.
Blue and white details abound in this guest bathroom, but the decorative touches do not overwhelm the small space. Trompe l'oeil painted plates beautifully extend the blue-and-white theme that began with the unusual sink.
  • Soft blue brushstrokes help tie the ornate mirror into the color scheme.
  • The vanity cabinet insets are painted for a custom look.
  • Wallpaper below the chair rail adds color, while neutral paint color above lets the plate collection shine.
  • Crafted from a serving dish, the sink bowl is an unsual delight.

The elements of this grand bath each include impressive proportions. From the tall windows to the wall of mirrors, from the granite tub decking to the raised fireplace, this is a space to relax in pampered comfort.
  • This bath also includes a steam shower and sauna.
  • A step up to the tub visually sets it apart from the rest of the room.
  • Sweeping white draperies close to cover oversized windows.
  • A fluffy bath rug brings a soft touch to toes fresh out of hot water.

In this guest bathroom, floor-to-ceiling mirrors are recessed into the walls. With all the edges concealed, the mirrors look as though they are openings to other rooms.
  • A cherry vanity platform strikes a strong line against the blue walls.
  • Halogen lights flank the mirror above the sink for a sleek, modern touch.
  • A stainless-steel bowl sink is totally modern.
  • Attached underneath the vanity, the towel rack saves space on the countertops.

This bath is a study in contrasts. White trim, fabrics, and fixtures stand out against a wall palette of cool blues and tidewater greens painted in a mosaic design.
  • The room's soft color palette suggests hues of the nearby ocean.
  • Shells perched on Lucite shelves continue the subtle ocean theme.
  • Silver accents shimmer on the sink, light, and accessories.
  • A mahogany mirror and wood chair serve to anchor the cool tones.

In this master bathroom, porthole windows seem to melt into the mirrored wall. The bowl sink, silver fixtures, zebrawood vanity, and limestone counter are completely modern designs.
  • The top of the backsplash has an interesting shape, adding detail to the clean lines of the vanity.
  • Bamboo is a symbol of luck.
  • An open shelf below the sink makes full use of the vanity.
  • Small shelves built into the backsplash provide additional storage.

Strategically placed mirrors replace mirrors over each sink. Instead, these homeowners have a view of trees and gardens. Cottage-style cabinets have a new look with smaller cabinet doors and a large drawer underneath, atop a graceful arch at the floor.
  • Brushed nickel cabinet handles harmonize with faucets and sconces.
  • Built-in seating is a useful amenity in a family bath.
  • Each sink is fully illuminated by recessed lighting overhead.
  • Underfoot the mosaic tile floor grabs extra interest from a border in tan.

 Clean lines, high-contrast colors, and beaded board give the master bath an eclectic feel. A black vanity topped with blue granite anchors the room, while white walls above are a bright contrast. Perfect symmetry adds a contemporary touch.
  • The mirrors open to reveal hidden storage recessed into the wall studs.
  • Sconces above the mirrors add soft light to the sink alcove.
  • A bouquet of flowers adds color to the black-and-white space.
  • A small shelf above the sinks adds storage for toiletries.
Crisp beaded-board wainscoting, graceful pedestal sinks, and a claw-foot tub create classic seaside style in this master bathroom. A palette of cloud white and ocean blue continues the theme. The wood floors add a sandy hue underfoot.
  • Twin pedestal sinks instead of a massive vanity lend to the spaciousness.
  • A claw-foot tub continues the theme of classic elegance.
  • Mirrors with ledges provide storage, as does a built-in armoire.
  • Displaying towels in baskets is a spa-like touch.

The master bathroom in this classic Tudor-style home has plenty of timeless English touches, common to this type of turn-of-the-century home. The freestanding tub sits in the middle of a shiny walnut floor and the room features built-in cabinets and intricate moldings.
  • The cabinet doors are mirrored and fitted with crisp X-motif millwork.
  • Hanging sconces high on the wall plays up the ceiling height.
  • A freestanding towel rack leaves wall space for artwork.
  • A smartly placed mirror reflects the window to make the room feel larger.

This guest bath has an old-fashioned look that's breezy and fresh, proving that anything new can look old again. Using reproduction fixtures and a variety of vintage accessories, the bath offers a period look with modern functionality.
  • Delicate vintage towels hang on the bars of the brass console sink.
  • Walls of whisper-pink stucco create a romantic backdrop.
  • Contrasting snowy white towels and curtains offer a clean, fresh look.
  • Four panels of embroidered sheers encircle the reproduction claw-foot tub.
Designed for a homeowner who uses a wheelchair, this bathroom's tub is at an angle to leave a wide path for maneuvering. Two legs on the sink offer wheelchair access beneath. Universal accessibility makes rooms comfortable for everyone.
  • The owner uses a roll-in shower but added a tranquil tub for guests.
  • Lowered windows take full advantage of the view.
  • Light walls and travertine floors create a tranquil feeling.
  • A warming rack for towels is a treat on a cold day.

Economy of design, striking shapes, and rich textures help a 5 x 6-foot powder room blend function and luxury with Asian-style serenity. The bronze basin and limestone countertop are clean-lined and contemporary.
  • Wall-mounted faucets preserve space in a small room.
  • Grass-cloth walls and maple cabinets are warm and soothing.
  • The vanity cabinet appears to float above the wood floor.

Inspired by colorful flags seen at Italian festivals, designers created a unique look with an offset pattern of two colors of solid-color tiles. Beige and cream wall tile form diagonal lines, while blue and beige floor tiles are laid in a checkerboard design.
  • A tile baseboard was installed using a larger-size wall tile.
  • Flooring tile colors are repeated high on the wall.
  • A walnut vanity was fit with a pounded copper sink.
  • The mirror's dark frame and iron wall sconces relate to the vanity.

Placing the tub under a bank of corner windows helps this master bathroom take full advantage of its amazing location. Simple window treatments pull back to let bathers enjoy natural light and the view of a secluded backyard.
  • Covering a wall with the mosaic tile used on the tub expands the space.
  • A basin sink and frameless mirror punctuate the room's modern design.
  • Continuing the granite from the counters to the tub deck is a modern touch.
  • Simple drawers under the sink take the place of a traditional vanity.
With an upper-level perch and a wooded location, this serene bathroom is free from privacy concerns. A wall of windows, free from treatments, minimizes boundaries between inside and out, allowing bathers in the under-the-windows tub or the glass-wall shower to commune with nature and enjoy the views.
  • Candles on a rock-filled tray add a romantic feeling on moonlit nights.
  • Flowering quince branches in a glass vase make a connection with the trees just outside the windows.
  • Organic materials, such as custom cherry woodwork and tumbled-marble tiles, further merge indoors and outdoors.
  • Clear canisters in the tall towel cabinet create simple, elegant storage.

With a little planning, a bathroom can be a tranquil place to feed your soul. In this master suite, a wide deck made of Corian surrounds a jetted soaking tub. Wood beams, wood floors, and shuttered doors add to the Zen experience.
  • A neutral palette is important in creating a soothing suite.
  • A scrollwork wood piece is simple but interesting artwork.
  • Candles and flowers in a bathroom add to the hotel ambience.
  • In an adjoining room, large-scale weave tile is used as wainscoting.

This vintage-with-a-twist bathroom features cottage prints in colors that are young and hip. Floral, stripe, and other patterns mix and match with ease thanks to a consistent pink, green, and blue palette. The hot pink walls are bold and lively, while the white woodwork and tile keep the room light and airy.
  • For a one-of-a-kind bathmat, topstitch a patchwork edge to the top of a plain terry towel.
  • Use a hot-glue gun to add funky magnets to metal shower curtain rings.
  • Make an inexpensive shower curtain from a bed sheet.
  • Vintage "soap" and "washroom" signs are charming accents.

 What are the elements of elegance in this bathroom? They include free-standing furnishings, warm wall color and lighting, symmetrically placed pedestal sinks, framed artwork, and a display of luxury items and accessories.
  • Classic black marble squares are inset into diagonally laid tile.
  • Dual pedestal sinks, mirrors, and sconces have a clean and airy look.
  • Emphasize elegant height by choosing elements with vertical lines.
  • Create vignettes of interesting accessories to display.
 Mosaic tiles in two soft shades of blue-green give this updated 1950s bath the look of ocean water. Underfoot a terrazzo floor shows off specks of aqua. Long horizontal windows on three walls infuse the space with light but allow for total privacy.
  • The large wall mirror is bordered with tile, giving the look of a frame.
  • Accents of chrome and glass distribute sparkling reflections throughout.
  • Tiles in a darker aqua surround the tub area with watery hues.
  • Concealed behind a door is a pull-out laundry bin in the vanity.
In this wide-open loft, metal framework encloses the bath and adjoining closet. Frosted glass provides privacy while allowing as much light as possible to flow between spaces. A custom vanity constructed from Douglas fir adds lightness and warmth to the modern space.
  • A mirror above the sinks allows natural light to reach the vanity area.
  • Leaving pipes and ceiling beams exposed retains the loft's character.
  • Stone countertops and Douglas fir drawers add warmth.
  • Metal accents give wood surfaces a modern edge.

The bathtub was placed near the windows and is accessible by stepping through the shower area. A half-wall of glass separates the shower from the vanity space to keep water in the "wet" area of the room.
  • Radiant heating keeps the marble floor warm underfoot.
  • Preserving scenic views gives the room an open, expansive feel.
  • Marble walls and granite floors fit the mountainous setting.

Wood floors, silver hardware and fixtures, and white cabinetry are cool contemporary touches in this dreamy bathroom. Wainscoting topped by warm khaki walls keep the room from feeling ultra-modern. Exposed rafter beams make the space feel larger.
  • A bouquet of bright red and orange flowers add a splash of color to the neutral space.
  • A 10-light French door leads to the walk-in closet.
  • The marble countertops were sanded with fine-grade wet sandpaper to remove the shine, creating a honed look.
  • Cabinets under the window seat maximize storage space.

To give a small, lackluster space European flair, the designer relied on tile, and an earthy palette of golden yellow, terra-cotta, and bronze. Tiles cut from ancient stones figure prominently in the look and provide a rich patina.
  • Oil-rubbed, bronze-finish faucets have old-world ambience.
  • Handmade wallpaper adds depth and shadowing to the walls.
  • A linear border tile caps the wall with a contour of deep brown.

To give this master bathroom a decidedly Spanish feeling, the owners used intricate grilles in the windows and mimicked the look with etchings in the glass shower enclosure. A tile floor with an inlaid vine design also contributes to the European feel.
  • Building in the tub with paneling gives it the look of furniture.
  • Mixing the color and style of floor tiles adds interest underfoot.
  • Put soaps in a dish by the tub for a hotel look.
  • Adding lots of candles around a tub lends a romantic mood.

 Colorful lively tile patterns and a chartreuse chest of drawers prevent this bath from feeling institutional for its handicapped resident. A shower without a doorway, a sink without a base cabinet, and a door without a threshold make this bath wheelchair-accessible.
  • Bold blue and checkerboard patterns make the room fun.
  • Small hexagonal floor tiles are slip-resistant.
  • Glass block windows offer maximum light and privacy.
  • Ample light and sparkling tile keep the room cheerful and bright.
Faced in limestone, a half-wall rises up as a privacy partition for the soaking tub, without blocking light or views. The divider blends almost seamlessly with the limestone walls and floors.
  • Limestone is both a cool-to-the-touch and visually warm surface.
  • A long trough sink is an unusual feature of this contemporary space.
  • Subtle graining in the stone lends a barely there pattern.
  • A trio of cabinets set into a wall adds storage in an unused space.

 Glass mosaic tiles on the bathroom walls and tub surround create a magical mirrored effect in this spa-like retreat. A waterfall tub fills the space with the calming sound of moving water. The barrel-vaulted ceilings are covered in beautiful handmade teak shakes.
  • Water spills over the tub into a trough and is continually recycled.
  • When privacy isn't an issue, unadorned windows allow in natural light.
  • Artwork, candlesticks, pillows, and flowers give a bathroom a cozy feeling.
  • A sleek console table topped with gray lava stone houses the sink.
Bath adornments are kept to a minimum, allowing the natural materials and clean lines to speak for themselves. Limestone tiles cover the ledge wall and floor; a limestone slab tops the vanity. Undermounting the sink and tub keeps the attention on the surface materials.
  • A twin medicine chest doubles storage space over the sink.
  • Make a splash with a burst of color in towels and accessories.
  • Stacked bamboo boxes and slatted floor contribute a new texture.
  • Glass block windows let in light, but shield from prying eyes.


  1. Awesome customizations, didn't think some shower enclosures could even look like that.

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