Thursday, November 3, 2011

Favorite Built-In Storage Ideas

Why Choose Built-ins?

Storage is a common problem for most homeowners, but with effective and clever built-ins, organization is a no-brainer. Because built-ins are custom-made for each space, they maximize every square inch of your home. They can turn empty, unused space into hardworking home offices, drawers, shelves, or even entertainment centers. Essentially, built-in storage units can add hundreds of square feet to your home without the need for renovations. 

Modern Bedroom Built-in

A complete bed and storage unit comes standard in this master bedroom. A platform, cabinets, and plenty of drawers make this hard-working bed a built-in masterpiece. 

Space Saver

Though this dining room is hardly big enough for a table and four chairs, sleek, glass-front built-in shelves and drawers make use of the space underneath the windows. 

Bunkroom Books

Bookshelves take advantage of the high ceilings in this kids' bunk room. Installing built-ins on an unused wall, such as one with a door to the bathroom, creates plenty of organization options without cluttering the space with clunky storage furniture. 

A Day in Their Shoes

This floor-to-ceiling shoe shelf hides neatly behind double doors. The white shelves reflect light into the dark cubbies, making every pair easy to see. 

Deep Drawers

In this cheery yellow mudroom, deep built-in drawers provide easy storage, and a countertop is the perfect surface for sorting mail and folding laundry. 

Crooked Nook

Irregularly shaped walls and nooks can become functional spaces with a little creativity and a set of built-in bookshelves.

Stylish Shelving

Well-thought-out shelving can give your closet or dressing room extra glamour and valuable storage for sweaters, shoes, and accessories. 

Dual Side Desks

Sliding shutters allow the living room to accommodate a pair of offices that can be concealed when company comes. Rather than being relegated to a dreary corner, these home offices live at the heart of the house. 

Wash and Wear

By adding a countertop and cabinets, this small nook becomes a fully-functioning laundry room. Even though the space is designed for utility, bright egg-shell paint and banister spindles bring in a bit of personality. 

Staircase Display

This staircase gets big personality with built-in shelves and interesting art objects.

Workspace Wonder

Modular, built-in shelving, an ample work surface, and clean-lined cabinets keep everything organized in this study.

Clean Design

Conceal trash cans under the sink, as in this streamlined kitchen. A cutout in the marble countertop helps guests locate the garbage can and makes cleanup easier. 

Organized Office

With the clean design of these custom cabinets and drawers, staying organized and concealing mess are not a problem.

Now You See Them ...

We love the idea of appliance hideaways, like these tucked behind sleek, ebony-stained oak cabinets.

Front Row Seat

Window seats aren’t standard in most kitchens, but this little nook makes a perfect perch for prep-time conversations.

Bedside Built-in

This platform bed and flanking nightstand are built into an alcove paneled with teak, a sustainably harvested wood.

Closet Office

By installing a few shelves into an unused closet, you can create a perfect home office. The best part about this small space? Folding doors close to conceal your workstation. 

Bedroom Breakfast Spot

This clever bar is tucked into a master suite closet. Outfitted with an espresso machine, the spot offers the ultimate breakfast-in-bed treatment. 

Double Duty Playroom

A built-in daybed (sized to fit two twin mattresses) makes a comfy sofa in this kids' playroom and also doubles as extra sleeping for guests or slumber parties. Wood paneling mimics the shape of a traditional sofa, complete with arms and a high back. 

Small Service

Utilize every sliver of your kitchen. Here, a pullout pantry transforms an awkward 8-inch space into useful storage.

Work Station

The family computer is built into this small kitchen space, and with plenty of drawers for office supplies and cabinets to hide their desktop, the office vanishes during busy mealtimes.

Pegboard Pantry

In this cottage kitchen, pegboard hides an unsightly water heater and creates space for the grocery list. Brooms and other cleaning supplies hang on the other side. 

Modular Miracle

Ready-made shelving makes this closet a hardworking space with a pullout shoe rack and plenty of drawers and shelves.

Diner Inspired

Restaurants use booths for a reason – they’re efficient. A built-in right off your kitchen creates seating in tight spots, and the bench’s streamlined profile takes up very little visual space. 

Down the Hall

Make the most of an oft-ignored space by using a hallway for storage. These bookshelves serve as decoration and a makeshift library. 

Cabinet Cutout

Installed in a drawer, this cutting board stays close at hand without taking up counter space.

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