Thursday, November 3, 2011

High Style Inspiration for the Back-Home-Bound

A Growing Trend

Many college graduates are finding that tough economic times and a competitive entry-level job market means moving back in with Mom and Dad. Fondly termed “Boomerang Kids,” 80% of recent college graduates have moved back in with their parents after graduation as a way to save money in a tough job market.

ABCs of New Design Trends

Luxury Wall CoveringsWall paper has resurfaced as a design trend and is a great way to add instant color, pattern and scale.

Metallic Finishes
The shimmer of metallic paints and accessories is a brilliant way to add pizzazz to any room design.

Natural and Textured  Fibers
Mix patterns and textures to add depth. Materials of natural fibers are eco-smart and will last.

Create an Accent Wall

Start by setting a focal point. Wallpaper has made a serious comeback and will create a dramatic effect. Choose a large-scale pattern, such as this muted damask in calming hues of French blue and pewter. Cover one wall with the wallpaper, and paint the other walls and the ceiling a corresponding soft color. 

Sheer Style

Any designer will tell you that when hanging curtains, hang ’em high. Curtains mounted as high as possible over a window make the room look and feel larger. Sheer white panels with discreet tone-on-tone stripes add a subtle graphic touch. 

Make a Day Bed

Turn a basic twin bed into a sofa-like day bed. An oversize, white, textured quilt tucked neatly around a single mattress sets the stage for a clean, tailored effect. Chic throw pillows in a uniform color scheme dress it up when company comes over. Your guests will feel like they’re lounging on a couch rather than lying in your bed. A sauper soft throw blanket pulls the whole look together. 

Geometric Accent Pillows

Dreamy bed accessories add to the cozy feel of any boudoir. Sometime these touches can be a bit pricey, so keep an eye out for bargain look-alikes at discount home stores.

Your New Lounge Area

The damask graphic detail and color scheme from the wallpaper are mirrored in oversize pillows neatly tucked under the coffee table. They provide a comfortable spot for friends to perch. A large fluffy white rug defines the space. 

Update With Mirrors

We snagged this 1970s-style coffee table off Craigslist for 25 bucks. We replaced its original glass panels with mirrors cut at a home-improvement store. The mirrored surface reflects light and creates a slick, glitzy effect. 

An Elegant Dresser Display

A spray-painted child’s dresser -- hardware and all -- becomes an opulent addition when accessorized with a complementing metallic mirror and accessories. The elegant and contemporary glass ball table lamp topped with a shade in a vibrant purple hue brings great symmetry, balance, and flair to the room’s color scheme. All of the accessories, including the lamp, were found at discount stores.

Kickback With Cocktails

A reclaimed vintage table with a few coats of paint makes for a cool cocktail table -- a welcome addition to every living area. Neatly display bottles, decanters, or glasses on a sparkly tray for a feminine touch. 

Industrial Idea

Job hunting is no easy task. Stay optimistic, motivated, and, by all means, organized. A standard five-tier, self-assembling shelving unit in brushed nickel easily evolves into a space-saving and practical workspace and entertainment center. 

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