Friday, April 8, 2011

How to add colour to a dining room

Yellow dining room

Mustard yellow makes a dramatic backdrop in this dining room. Positioning a trio of oversized drum shades low over the dining table gives off a spotlight effect, while the shades and furniture are kept in a neutral charcoal colour, creating a pleasing contrast.


Blue and green dining room

Vivid shades of green and blue mix well together to create a stunning look. The strip of tiles, mounted slightly off centre, is a quirky focal point that also mirrors the beautiful colours.


Red dining room

Set strong pattern, illustrated by these dining chairs covered in floral red fabric, against an equally vibrant background, ensuring the colours are taken from the same palette for a harmonious interior.


Green walled dining room

Create a relaxed dining area with a micro art gallery on a vibrant background, such as this deep green. Hang an informal grid of postcards and keep a stack of spares handy so friends can leave a message on memorable occasions.

Multicoloured dining room

For a different yet still colourful look, choose pieces of furniture in zingy shades, such as this orange sideboard and purple chair. Add mirrors and reflective finishes to bounce light around the room.


Pale blue dining room

Colourful dining rooms don't have to be bold. Here, white furniture and accessories sit well against a pale blue background and rustic floorboards. Mix furniture styles to create a modern but quirky look.


Pink striped dining room

A thick border has been created in this living room by hanging striped wallpaper horizontally at the top and bottom of the walls. The vibrant pink goes perfectly with the dark grey to create a dramatic backdrop. A striped blind in another colour makes a feature out of the window.


Midnight blue dining room

The deep blue walls really add drama to this dining room, when contrasted with white chairs and a stylish  lampshade. The overall look is sophisticated and the contrast of colours work well, finished off with striped cushions and a dark wood table.


Candy coloured dining room

A mix of candy colours really brighten up this dining room. Bright green paint set against natural beech flooring is a perfect backdrop. The striped curtains, spotty tablecloth and curvy modern chairs complete the mouthwatering style.


Striped dining room walls

Create a sun-soaked, upbeat space with geometric yellow bands. Gradually widening the stripes opens up the room at head height. Sleek, metallic furniture keeps the look grown-up.

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