Friday, April 8, 2011

Modern dining rooms

Black, red and white dining room

A black and chrome dining table gives this dining room a sleek, sophisticated vibe. A statement chair adds a shot of colour to the scheme, while the oversized lamp pulls focus to the table.



Monochrome dining room

A mix of patterned fabrics add extra interest to this monochrome decorating scheme. Black and white family photographs mirror the colours of the room.


Pink and lilac dining room

A combination of colours brings this dining room right out of the ordinary. Hot pink voiles, statement chairs and lilac walls work together to create a quirky living space.


White quirky dining room

This shag-pile carpet is perfect for creating a laid-back 1970s vibe, while the glass table, transparent chairs, colourful accessories, and alternative artwork bring the room right up to date.


 Yellow dining room

Yellow is a striking colour that creates a stunning focal point in this dining room. Positioning a trio of oversized drum lampshades low over the dining table ensures all eyes are drawn to it, as the pools of light create a spotlight effect.

Relaxed dining room

An informal feel has been created by adding a sofa seating area in the wasted alcove of this dining room. Sleek white furniture gives the scheme a fresh, summery feel.

 Industrial dining room

A sculptural chandelier looks great against the dark smokey walls and gives this room an industrial feel. The sleek metal chairs provide a softer touch when teamed with an oak table.


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