Friday, April 8, 2011

Weird and wonderful dining rooms

Map print dining room wallpaper

Yellow and purple add zing to this monchrome dining room. The photo-print wallpaper of  Victorian London zones out the eating area.


Mondrian-inspired, geometric dining room

Modern art can provide an excellent reference point if you're looking for quirky decor. Mondrian and 80s phenomen, the Rubik's Cube, have inspired this room with it's black-on-white lines, blocks of primary colour and geometric-shaped furniture. 


New York taxi dining room

A brilliant example of how one small object, in this case the iconic yellow and black New York taxi, can inspire a whole dining room scheme. The natural-finished wood dining table and chairs ensures the room isn't overpowered by bold yellow and modern grey colour scheme.


Science lab styling dining room

Is Heston Blumenthal coming to dinner? For the mad scientist in all of us, go back to the alchemy of cooking and dining with a chemistry lab-style design like this one. We love the plant pendant lights and assortment of pharmacy jars. Accents of zesty lime green stop this dining room from being too clinical. 


Green and white fretwork

Fresh, clean and green, this dining room mixes traditional fretwork panels with up-to-the-minute shades of vibrant green and turquoise. If you wanted to warm up this room in winter or for a romantic evening meal, you could use coloured lightbulbs and candles to great effect. 


Curvy green dining room

Like a subteranean aquarium, this dining room uses a clever mix of curves and light. A simple palette of grass-green, yellow, charcoal and white keep this room open and airy, even though there's a lot going on. We think the Scalextrix on the floor is a fab, retro feature too.


Photo-print wallpaper

A little wintry, perhaps, but super-stylish and timeless. The photo-print monochrome wallpaper and the spiky lampshades give this modern dining room drama and movement, while the plain white table can be dressed up or down depending on the occassion and time of year. 


Spot and stripes in blue

Stripes and spots can be a little dazzling but when teamed with a simple colour scheme the effect is striking. We love the bright blue plastic and glass furnishings, and the contrast between the floor and the large French windows. 

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