Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to Decorate a Room

Is your room plain and boring? Do you want to add some amazing features to make your friends jealous? Just follow the simple steps below!

Step 1: Paint (one color)
If you already have paint in your room and are happy with it, skip to step 4. However, if you don't have paint, or aren't happy with the paint you have, read on. Everyone has different preferences. Maybe you would like a relaxing room. If so, choose soft, light colors (i.e. lavender, baby blue, light green).

Maybe you don't want your room to be relaxing, maybe you want action. If so, bright, neon colors are best (i.e. bright yellow, neon blue, fierce red). Another idea is to have the same color, but different shades. Example: A bright, exciting orange on the walls, a soft, relaxing orange on the ceiling, and an in between orange on the door.

Step 2: Paint (two or more colors)
If you think one color is boring, why not add more colors? One idea is to put contrasting colors. Example: One wall is red, the opposing wall is green, a contrasting color. Another idea is to find colors that are close (i.e. one wall is orange, another is yellow, another is red, and the last is hot pink).


Step 3: Paint (decorations)
You can also put decorations in paint. You can put stripes, waves, curves, circles, stars, etc.


Step 4: Furniture
Choose furniture that is comfortable for you. The furniture should match the paint, the same color, or a contrasting color. Furniture includes (some are optional) a bed, a rug, a dresser, a table, a chair, etc.

Step 5: Other ideas.
Here are other ideas. Open your closet to display your clothes. This is kind of like showing off, but it is also convenient. Choose the clothes that you would use more often to display, and store away the other clothes. Another idea is to hang up any medals or trophies all around the room along with photos of you.

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