Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bathroom planning tips from top designers

Try towelling

'Towelling is one of my favourite fabrics and, although I like a plain bathroom, I can't resist using it. It makes perfect loose-cover material for a bathroom chair. I also love towelling curtains which, can easily be made out of a pair of bath towels'


Think about bathroom lighting

'To soften a room use a mix of directional light and easily dimmed spotlights. If space is available, you could also add upholstered furniture. A small sofa, covered in towelling, is ideal or alternatively choose a small chair upholstered in soft linen.'


Add personality to your space

'There has been a trend recently for bathrooms to look as though they are in a hotel: now is the time to inject some of your own personality back into this room.'


Plan a practical layout

'This room has different functions: sometimes you'll want a quick, refreshing shower, while after a long day you'll want to relax in the bath. Think carefully about what your needs are while you are renovating, as changing the layout afterwards can be costly.'


Make room for toiletries

'Do think about where you are going to put your bath oils. A generous shelf along the side of the bath is a good idea or, if you have a freestanding bath, put a small table at the end of it.'


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