Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Take a tour around a period London home

Dining area

The tablemakers table echoes the chunky quality of the limestone work surfaces in the dining room. The pendant lights are from John Lewis.


Living room

The ornate mirror, a family piece, does not look in the least bit out of place with the contemporary coffee table. The curtain fabric is in a slub silk by Larsen; the chairs, placed close for casual gatherings, are from Dudgeon.


Console table

On the Philippe Hurel table in the living room are contemporary vases from Rebecca Scott International and lamps by Linley, creating an elegant focal point.



The Dudgeon sofa in the home office adds a cosy feel. On the shelf is a bust of the homeowner's famous forebear, novelist John Buchan.


Reading corner

The walls of the home office are covered in hessian by Schumacher, while the curtains are in Donnybrook Floral Tea by Ralph Lauren. A chair beside a standard lamp provides a relaxing place to read.



In the bedroom, the Alpine cushions were brought back from Switzerland by the homeowner. They pick up the red in the Ian Mankin fabric on the Ochre blanket box.



With its painted panelling and floor, the bathroom has a New England feel. A chair from an auction sits below a blind in fabric by Nina Campbell. The fittings are from Aston Matthews. 

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