Sunday, August 28, 2011

Take a tour around a rural Warwickshire home



The exposed banister dominates the look in the hallway, but the cream walls keep the area looking spacious.


Dining room

The double doors that separated the kitchen from the dining room were taken out to create a larger, lighter space, which allowed the owners to add a bookcase and storage units to hold various household paraphernalia. 


Dining room

The lintel and door surround, in figured Pippy oak, were made to complement the exposed bricks of the  dining room walls. 


Living room

The perfect compromise between a formal drawing room and a child-friend space, this room mixes practical furnishings with luxurious finishes. The striped sofa covers add a quirky element to the decor.



A pop of mint green colour complements the freestanding bath and woodwork in this bathroom. The niche in the far corner is a laundry chute, so discarded clothing can be sent straight down to the utility room.



A rug has been cleverly set into a recess so that it doesn't slip underfoot. The purple floral wallpaper adds a striking backdrop to this feminine scheme.

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