Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kitchen planning tips from top designers

Give your kitchen personality

'Add accessories to make your kitchen welcoming. I began collecting old tea towels from charity shops a while ago and I'm thinking of framing some to hang in my new kitchen. Another idea is to transform kitchen chairs with vivid gloss paint and a retro-geometric print made up into seat cushions.'


Tuck away ugly appliances

'Anything mechanical and ugly should definitely be behind closed doors, although it is encouraging to see a good espresso machine on the counter.'


Invest in a range cooker

'If you enjoy cooking, buy the best range cooker that you can afford. Not only are they fantastic to cook on but they look stylish too.'


Make a statement in the kitchen

'Go for something with a real wow factor, such as thick concrete work surfaces, a glass splashback lit from behind with fibre optics, or a statement extractor. If choosing granite, lay it with the reverse side up, as this has a dull finish which is far more attractive.'


Create an organised space

'Good organisation is the key to a well-thought-out kitchen. A place for everything is important if your kitchen is to function properly.'


Choose floor-to-ceiling cupboards

'It is important to seek the advice of kitchen designers and architects to make the most of the space and to prevent expensive mistakes. My pet hate in kitchens is gaps at the top of cupboards as these are serious dust traps. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards are much more visually appealing.'

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