Saturday, May 14, 2011

Decorating with pattern

Take a look at how designer's fun approach paid off in her dynamic and inviting home.

Living room
Though the room is only about 120 sq. ft., it has space-enhancing 10' high ceilings. Maxed out on seating, choosing neutral fbrics with colourful accents that are easy and inexpensive to change.  

Vibrant colour combination
The trick is to find the right combo. Crystal buttons on cushions, silver candleholders and glass vases add interest and sparkle. It's like putting on earrings with an outfit. 

Dining room
Space-saving mid-century modern floating shelves are perfect for displaying treasured china and silverware. Silver and glass elements echo the shimmery wallpaper. Accessories are a great way to incorporate colour without making a huge commitment. 

Master bedroom
A harmonious medley of pattern makes the bed a strong focal point. The artwork inspired the green accent wall behind the bed. Glassware and other accessories are great sources of colour and simple ways to reinforce the room's palette.

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  1. What brand and color is that green accent wall in the bedroom?