Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Step inside this modern luxurious house


This new build house features different levels and a glass extension. Floor to ceiling windows add light and a balcony area creates extra seating.


Living room

A fireplace raised off the ground and flush with the wall.


Living room sofa

A bright orange feature wall creates a strong, bold statement and looks great when the colour is followed through on the furniture.



Stone steps from the hall are lit by skirting-height


Shower room

Keep a bathroom feeling modern by using uniform tiles, clean lines and graphic shapes.



Mixing different textures in a bedroom works well because they create a warm and welcoming feel. Wool throws mixed with a suede padded headboard, a walnut chest of drawers and a gold patterned lamp shade all combine to create an inviting space.



Install twin basins in the bathroom and half the morning queue. White basins, mixed with copper colours and wood adds warmth to a bathroom. 


  1. It is so nice interior as well as exterior.
    Thanks for posting this, It gives me an idea for my next interior design project.