Saturday, May 21, 2011

Step inside this modern New York town house


A modern 5-storey town house in Manhattan, New York, with 4 bedrooms, en-suite bathroom, and 1 extra loo. Ground floor kitchen/living room space with retracting window onto patio area; basement movie/playroom. Laundry room on the fifth floor, and basketball court on the roof. 



The bar stools give this kitchen a retro feel, while the sleek units complement the walls.


Living room

The hall/living space is given a minimalist element with simple decor, and provides a home for bikes and coats. 



The hallway leads through to the master bedroom, with doors either side leading to the couples separate dressing rooms. The antique-inspired lamps add a decorative touch to this minimalist look. 


Master bedroom

The robust bed is draped with printed fabric that matches the curtains. Softness is added with richly patterned fabrics and a deep purple rug. 



The accessories in the master bathroom are from assorted flea markets. A sleek black unit adds class, while the large mirrors make the room appear spacious and airy.


Entertainment room

This masculine entertainment room is perfect for the  children. A 1962 vintage football table keeps them occupied on rainy afternoons. Basketball is another big theme, linking in with the court on the roof. The giant clock on the wall is from an actual basketball court, circa 1920. A blue desk and contrasting chairs add a welcome shot of colour to the scheme. 


Children's room

Pink furniture gives feminine appeal to this room. This rose-tinted space is ideal for young children.


Nursery room

Modern art is a huge feature in this boy's room. The big painting is called Rebus. The spotty rug is a playful touch. 

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