Saturday, May 21, 2011

Take a tour around a tropical Aussie house

Indoor-outdoor living room

Even though it's open to the dining room, this living area has a cosy feel and is all about relaxing and watching TV. Floor-to-ceiling windows create a seamless transition between inside and out.


Living room

Open shelving makes use of an otherwise redundant area between the wall and the pillar in the living room, and mirrors the built-in bookcase, creating the mood of a mini library in the open-plan space. 



The kitchen is small and uncluttered, and the unusual island unit is clad in copper panels to add shine. The cupboard doors are made from marine ply.



The pool takes pride of place in the garden, with glass fencing allowing an uninterrupted view of the lush foliage beyond.



The patchwork bedspread is a note of country chic in a modernist space, while the pillowcases are another unexpected touch.


Bedroom chair

The chair belonged to the owner's father.

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