Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trend: Bold '80s colour

There are parts of the '80s that many of us wish to forget, but the decade gave us a lot of great design inspiration as well. Back for this season are the bright and bold colours of the '80s -- think vibrant pinks, yellows, greens and oranges. Not quite neon, these colours are still bright enough to make a huge impact in your home, so mix with whites and other neutrals to balance things out.

Bright yellow door Give your home a bold entrance with a sunny yellow door. If it's not a match for your home's exterior, try doing a feature door inside.

Vibrant garage hangout This garage is given a cool makeover with some bright decor accents that transform it into a hangout spot. Juicy pinks and oranges pop against the white walls.

Pops of pink and yellow Bold and bordering on neon, these two hues make a huge impact on this otherwise neutral room. Paired with a zebra-print bench, the hot pink and yellow give this space a serious edge.

Cool orange kitchen Orange can be a tough hue to work with, but pair it with white and inky blues and you get a classic look with a colourful impact.

Pretty pink and baby blues Bright colours take over this bedroom space, from hot pink to baby blue to poppy red. White bedding and window trim keep the hues in check by providing a nice balance.

Fabulous turquoise feature wall Going all the way with an '80s colour palette may be a bit too adventurous for you, so try doing a feature wall instead. This watery turquoise shade adds enough oomph to the room without being too overbearing.

Hot pink bedroom A classic black and white palette is brought to life with the hot pink we know and love from the '80s. By using it in just three accessories, it takes the space from blah to brilliant.

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