Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Office

Striking home office storage

All-over grey can be cool and restful, but a home office space also needs to offer moments of inspiration. Here, hot orange accents like the desk lamp and the paint inside the open shelving, are used to spice up the scheme. The shelves are great for storing away books and housing files for papers and documents. Quirky accessories like the book-ends, complete the look.


Retro home office

Wooden furniture with smooth lines offers a striking retro-inspired feel to this room. Teaming warm tones with cooler contrasts, such as dusky duck-egg paint, brings out the depth and beauty of the natural wood grain.


Corner office

Creating a home office in a redundant corner of a guest room maximises the use of space. This neat area has shelving for family photographs and keepsakes.


Statement home office

A unique desk, bright red armchairs and distinctive wall art creates a stunning look in this home office. Keeping the palette limited to dark wood, black and grey, with only shots of red, stops the scheme from becoming too busy. 


Pretty home office

An L-shaped desk is a practical choice for a dual-purpose space as it can be tucked into a corner of the room and each end of the table can be given over to a different activity, or shared by two people. Choose a pretty scheme - if you're surrounded by lovely things, you'll feel much more inspired to be creative.


 Black study

This striking black-painted study with its cream Beaumont & Fletcher armchair and accessories has a very restful feel. Soften the scheme with the warm wood of a Julian Chichester oak desk and add sparkle with mirrored picture frames from Quintessa.


Country-style home office

This violet-themed under sitting room and study is given a beautiful country feel with these heavy curtains and carpet. With a desk hidden away by the window looking out into the garden, it's the perfect position to feel inspired.


Natural-style home office

Placing a desk in the middle of the room, where a pendant light can be hung low above it, turns it into the 'hero' of the room, as well as enabling a practical source of light.


Modern home office

A neutral scheme makes this home office a stylish and calm place to work in. Textured taupe wallpaper sets a subdued tone and chunky dark wood furniture lends an air of masculinity. The custom-made desk in faux-crocodile skin is from Andrew Martin and a smart wenge cupboard discreetly hides paperwork. 


Home office filing cabinet

A striking green filing cabinet can be customised with rustic baskets and handmade signs held in place with magnets. It’s a practical spot for the printer, too.


Home office

A home office in a bedroom needs to be clearly defined. Keep colours neutral and desk space uncluttered. The swivel lamp from SCP is ideal for bedtime reading and for work. Consider covering the partition wall with felt so it can double as a pinboard. This chair and table, both from Vincent Sheppard, are stylish yet functional.


Swedish-style study

Floral curtains and a white Scandinavian-style desk and chair create a fresh, light study area. Built-in bookshelves make the most of space, while a Heal's Perspex magazine rack and a Vaughan gilded mirror side table add a modern twist and a chandelier glamour. 


Retro walls home office

A vibrant wallpaper pattern is a great way to zone out a home office area when you don’t have the luxury of an extra room, simply paper the wall behind the desk. Here, contemporary wooden furniture goes perfectly with the brown circles in the wallpaper. A floating shelf is ideal for keeping books and stationary out of the way.


Bedroom office

Office space at home is often a dual-purpose option. Even a box room can take on this purpose with a single bed dressed as a sofa, while a cupboard holds the computer and the storage chest acts as a filing cabinet. The blind and curtain is made with Jane Churchill fabric and the bed and underbed storage is from Muji. 


Tongue and groove home office

Filing doesn't have to be a chore if you keep your storage solutions fun and stylish. Try this shelving unit by Conran, with box files, magazine holder and filing trays by Ordning & Reda. A white chair from The Conran Shop with a hot pink cushion adds extra style.


Home office with noticeboard

Soften the office feel with a bold lampshade and base from Ochre and make your Ikea noticeboard a colour and texture focal point.



Green home office

Deep, moody shades of green create a cosy, homely feel, but add touches of citrus to lift the look. Continue the natural theme with a mix of beech and white-painted furniture, pale sisal flooring and wicker storage baskets.


Home office shelving

A smart, ordered scheme offers the perfect way to create an inviting work space. Choose one colour as your base, and coordinate storage and accessories in this shade. 


Home office storage

Floor-to-ceiling storage, with a mixture of shelves and cupboards, offers a practical way to organise office clutter.


Red home office

A rich shade of red teamed with classic-style furniture and ornate paintings give this home office a traditional feel.


Modern green home office

Box shelves needn't be regimented. A freer arrangement doubles your options, as you can use the spaces in between for storage and display, as well as the shelves themselves. The storage in this quirky office keeps things neat and tidy as well as chic and modern.


 Vibrant yellow

Zesty yellow sits perfectly against grey tones. Mixing the two colours gives a sophisticated look, with leather lending a warm feel to the room.


Small-space office

This small-space office has been squeezed into a hallway. Placing the desk under a window offers maximum light, with glass blocks in the adjoining walls helping the light to flow.


Alcove office

A small kitchen nook is the perfect place for a family organisation station. Hang a memo board for invitations and bills, and keep the family's phones and diaries in one place.


Modern home office

Make the most of hallway space by creating a handy home office area. Here, the statement green chair stands out, and is given added verve with toning accessories in shades from lime to olive. A glass-topped desk continues the modern feel, while around the corner, bespoke shelving keeps files, books and documents at bay.


Modern home office

This modern work space is prevented from looking too much like a sterile office by using home furnishings. A large modern table doubles as a desk, and a painted wooden dresser from New England Lifestyle stores files, work boxes and colourful baskets. Smart striped Romo blinds in candy shades soften the windows and act as a key for accessories like the pink bin and lamps. A Habitat dining chair is a simple, modern alternative to a traditional office chair.


Highland-style home office

Create a cosy Highland hideaway with colours inspired by the Scottish landscape. Pale natural woods and simple plaid fabrics gives a modern twist to a classic country style. Tartan panels make a great alternative window treatment and a trestle craft table completes the rustic look.


Classic home office

Patterned fabric blinds from Rubelli add colour to a home office, mirrored by fresh roses on the desk. Subtle colour on the tongue and groove walls, plus stylish accessories like the BoConcept lamp, create a calm workspace. An Artedona pink leather pen pot and Conran Shop letter rack keep the desk clutter-free.


Green home office

Place a trestle table next to a window for an ideal desk that can be easily stowed away if you need the space. Use recycled glass containers and plant pots for storage.

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