Saturday, May 21, 2011

Step inside a cosmopolitan Victorian terrace

Open-plan dining room

Open-plan living/dining/kitchen space with study area, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, dressing room, office and screening room



Simple white walls and reclaimed pine floorboards look fresh, while artwork, books and furnishings add colour. The hallway is given true individuality with cool ideas and quirky finds. 


Living room

A dedicated screening room is intended to make watching TV or movies an event. The white walls are clad with bookshelves to create a library-like feeling, while the green sofa adds a burst of colour to the space.



The renovated kitchen space makes an instant impact through its unexpected sense of height, space and light. In order to make the kitchen truly original, the owner customised units with glass frames housing pictures, which he can swap on a whim. 


Living room

Modular lounge seating and cosy rugs create a welcoming cosy feel in the living room that's contemporary.



This bathroom proves that decorating with pale-coloured tiles and a large mirror can create an airy, light-filled space. 

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