Monday, May 23, 2011

Take a tour around this stylish East London loft

Statement bed

This statement four-poster bed makes a cool contrast with the textured, exposed brick walls and smooth wooden floorboards. 


Modern rustic kitchen

This open-plan kitchen area has been designed to blend into the rest of the loft space, without wall-hung kitchen units or large appliances on show. 


Cool kitchen-diner

Inside window boxes bring a leafy, outdoors feel into the dining room, along with quirky, reclaimed touches such as this metal cabinet, which was originally a cocktail bar on a ship. 


Cosy living room

A central wall has been removed in the living space, to create an open-plan family space that still has a sense of intimacy thanks to the creation of specific zones for eating, relaxing and enjoying a home cinema system. 


Quirky bathroom wallpaper

The smallest room can also be the most glamorous - here, an Art Deco vanity unit has been teamed with silver wallpaper for a luxurious feel. 

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