Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Step inside an Edwardian family home


From the outside this terrace looks quite traditional, but inside, walls have been removed to create a light airy space that can be used by all the family.



The hallway is the first place a person sees, so make the most of any original or unusual features. Floor tiles can be clean, regrouted and sealed quite easily to get them back to their original condition, and they make a great feature in the entrance hall.


Dining room

With a contemporary square arch added to this space, the dining area, extension and kitchen flow seamlessly on from each other. 



Simple units combined with the stylish stainless steel cooker give the kitchen a sophsticated feel, but the green painted cupboard and butchers table adds a bit of personality to the room.



Floor-to-ceiling shelves all along one wall are great for storing books and CD's, and can become an interesting feature in themselves. A local carpenter can easily fix shelves in any space.



A highly patterned, hand-painted feature wall doesn't need to be perfect, but it will really personalise a room. Just choose one wall to decorate and keep the rest of the walls simple. Then balance the wall with a bold bedspread. 


Children's bedroom

Create a playroom, or give the kid's their own area to play in and store their stuff, then hopefully they won't take over the whole of the house. A large wooden box never fails to look good and be useful where toys and tidying are concerned. 

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